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Since 2004 we have been working on a clear and precise objective: to aproximate the reproduction of domestic and professional music to the maximum posible reality. It was not enough to sound the best, it had to be a vibrant, soulful, human sound, “live” music conveying emotion and warmth, not just a recording.


Believing that the weakest part of musical reproduction is in the filters to the speakers and the logical physical, electrical and magnetic limitations of the speakers due to their own natural mechanical behavior, we decided to increase their performance and better control their response impulse through an innovative and original idea that is included in our DREi module technology.


Our designers discarded any process that involved digital scanning of the original signal and return the electronic amplification process to its origins, using new paths to create the best sound that we can offer our ears and rediscover the feelings and emotions of music.




The current versión, the 6th addition, of DREi technology has been definitive and has allowed us to develop the other elements necessary to make multi-preamps and DeIntermodulators available to the engineers of profesional sector and the discerning audiophiles.


To implement the reduction of the interactions and degradation that electronic components produce in the musical signal it was necessary for DREi tech. to use multi-channel preamps and hence the concept of the MULTI-PREAMP, (not to be confused with multi-channel home cinema).


Units are assembled by hand one by one. The signal is not digitalized at any moment and always works in a pure analogical domain. The development of electronic circuits are made using the most appropriate components in each case regardless of cost and built with the shortest possible audio signal route and wiring.


Each preamp module (X Series) uses transistors originally paired with extreme precision, 0.1%, which were made many years ago but which we use for their sound qualities. Transistors with an enormous bandwidth, able to respond very quickly and accurately. In the laboratory we can see that the bandwidth of these preamplifiers begins at 1Hz. and extends to more than 500Khz., 25 times more than the 20Khz. of a CD, very suitable for the 100Khz. of a SACD.


All audio capacitors used are high quality and prestigious brands such as Wima or Vishay. Resistors are all of high precision metal film.


Printed circuit boards are manufactured with high density in the copper surface and then dipped in gold. All have the extended ground plane to eliminate noise and interference.


DREI tech. and preamp modules are anchored with nylon to prevent external vibrations from reaching them. The DREi tech. is also sealed in a high strength polymer resin and isolated in a metallic box.


The balanced inputs and outputs use the latest drivers from Burr Brown. We mount the best Neutrik connectors, CMC and similar. Besides the  high ranking models of each range have CMC-plated silver input and output  connections and also a silver and transparent ABS electrical power input.


The volume control uses a tandem of 32 Japanese micro relays with gold-plated contacts and groups of extreme precision Tokyo metal film resistors.


To feed all this circuitry we have developed a multi-power, (up to 5 sources), with a generous oversized 100VA R-core  low noise transformer which provides continuous quiet power to each preamp separately so that the signals are not affected by the power supply equipment. The DREI tech. power is also differentiated.


Aviation industry aluminium makes for a stylish, durable, classical box so that your equipment ages with dignity and never goes out of fashion.




It would be a waste of time if so much complexity, technology and effort resulted in just another preamp. This is not the case with Neutral Audio.


Its incorporation into a audio system no matter how modest is noticed immediately and forcefully.

The sound is a crystal clear, the notes vibrate in the air, it has an open soundstage, the voices are filled with colour and life, the instruments have the correct ring and the listener feels as if he were the ochestra director. Everything is real and credible.

Do not hesitate to play difficult and complex recordings and see how well you can follow each instrument separately.

Neutral Audio electronics

When you first hear it  you will need a short time to take in the new references and get used to the  spectacular scene and natural sound.

Video “The sound that came from the future”

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Video “The sound that came from the future”

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