Behind this concept is the element (plus an X DREi series module) responsible for the unique sound of our Multi-preamps.


Several preamplifiers and modules of the highest quality and precision processed separately for each part of the musical signal. Each with a dedicated power supply of 5 or 10 depending on the model.


When a complex audio signal composed of many frequencies (music) are amplified, some of them will be masked or attenuated or lost along the way. Several parallel preamps dynamically controlled from the DREi module can significantly reduce these problems.


As a result you will find a pure and musical sound, crystalline and an    overwhelming level of detail.

DREi module X-Series

5 or 10 power supply

6 preamps, 3 blocks per channel operating in parallel and dynamically  controlled by the extraordinary DREi module.

The original musical signals are routed to the input of the DREi module at the appropriate volume. Here they are pre-amplified, treated and separated into various channels through a complex yet respectful analog technology for the music.

In this simulation with an oscilloscope, it has split the original signal into three different channels.

Each stage of the preamplifier is separated and isolated from the others, designed for each channel and their frequencies to work dynamically controlled by the DREi module.

The result is an extremely defined, clean and sharp signal.

A NEUTRAL sound .



Paralell Multi Preamp










Neutral Audio