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José M. Jiménez

Neutral Audio founder

Neutral Audio & D.R.E.i. technology are registered trademarks and technology owned by Neutral Audio SLU based in Spain and founded in 2005 to develop the innovative designs of Jose Manuel Jimenez who after many years of searching for natural sound and emotion in musical reproduction decided to make his technology available to the most demanding audio fans.


It all started around 2004 with the first steps to create a prototype for home use with an original new preamplifier system based on several modules working in parallel, each with a different piece of music content. Thus the control and processing module that we called DREi was born, whose acronym reflects its properties. With this and after several failed attempts he was able to mount the first known fully functional stereo multi preamplifier in history in 2008. The result was unexpected, far exceeding the hopes placed in such an innovative technique for treating audio.


So obvious and surprising were its qualities it was necessary to market this product  so that the rest of the world could enjoy its virtues. This is how Neutral Audio was born, a brand name which defines it, maximum neutrality in sound treatment, and the first of the series (PRV) of multi-preamps was designed in 2009.


In 2010 we brought out the X series, the absolute reference point in Neutral Audio. Just read the comments of people who have had the opportunity to hear its musical qualities. At the beginning of 2011 we began distributing our invention in the professional audio world and we started the DREi quality certificate for recording studios.


In 2013 we developed our CABLES, interconnecting, passive bi-metal technology and the active DREi module. Including the exceptional X-CABLE, unique in the world with sound qualities that place it at the head of technology and innovation.


From the start we set clear and precise objectives, achieving the highest level of excellence in audio reproduction. In order to build all the processes and elements with the required quality and control because of the technical difficulty of setting the DREi modules, they are calibrated for a time of 50 hours of continuous operation before insertion to its destined model, it was decided to assemble the equipment at our own facilities.


Do not forget that Spain currently has some of the most advanced and innovative technologies and produces all kinds of components for industries such as aeronautics and armaments, these being highly valued and purchased by the rest of the world.


These same industries also make parts of our equipment along with those from other sources, (Germany, Hong Kong, Tokyo, England, France etc..) After an arduous and expensive selection, those which are finally used are manually assembled, calibrated, tested for 100 hours continuously and made ready for shipment. While this is the most expensive option, it is certainly the best for producing the quality and performance level demanded by our company.



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Jose M Jimenez 
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