Mainly designed for a high performance STEREOPHONIC  systems, it can also be integrated into Home Cinema, thanks to its `invisible´ mode integrated in all models.


It will never affect the musical signal nor will it degrade it and you will be able to use your speakers and main power stage for the enjoyment of your soundtracks.


If you also want all the sound improving potential of the PRV in your Home Cinema, you can get the “H” version and enjoy its “active” mode and the automatic connection controlled by an AV which has a 12vdc control/shoot output.


 The display automatically shuts down and the button lights are dimmed when the “H” mode is activated for a darkened theatre.

Original integration with home-cinema systems


All are Multi-Preamplifier models can be connected to an AV receiver to enjoy its main facility for stereo or  multichannel soundtrack systems thanks to its "Invisible " mode and its "HC" inputs. We also have the "H" version that has additional specific functions for home theater.

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The LB (Loop Bass) function is integrated on the "H" version, it is designed for rooms where you want to use an electronic system for acoustic correction (DRC) and to compensate for the attenuation or amplification effects on sound waves that a room produces.


For this purpose, a pair of inputs/outputs are added to which only the bass of the sound spectrum are sent to be regulated by an external DRC. Once returned to the preamp they are remixed with the rest of the frequencies that have not suffered any negative changes.


You can also use this function to bi-amplify speakers. With two power stages per channel you can amplify the low frequencies and the mid/treble separately. The volume  control is common to both.


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